Coffee Table Albums

Our Coffee Table Albums are professionally flush mounted panoramic photographs, designed for weddings, quinces and other special events. These prints are mounted to rigid pages for a quality book to last a lifetime.  Pages are coated with UV to protect images from water, fingerprints and handling, mildew, and sun exposure. 

Book Sizes

11X14 - 12X12 - 10x10 - 8x10 - 8x8 - 6X9


Photo - Leatherette - Acrylic - Metal - Genuine Italian Leather Cover - Cameo


Luster - Metallic - Deep Matte


Thin - Thick


Square - Round

UV Coating

Glossy - Matte


Stamping - Embossing - Studio Imprinting

Coffee Table Albums
Starting at $92

Full Photo or Leatherette Album

Photo Covers are printed with professional photo paper and then laminated with matte, glossy, canvas, leather or diamond finish. The Leatherette's come in any color.

Acrylic Album

Acrylic Covers are made with professional Metallic photo paper, face mounted on Acrylic. The spine and back can be Leatherette in any color or Genuine Italian Leather upgrade.

Coffee Table Album round Eddie Jerez Photography resized.png
Metal Cover Photos by Lisette.png

Metal Album

Metal Covers are made with a Metal Print on any of the 5 finishing options; Gloss White, Gloss Clear, Semi Gloss White, Matte Clear and Matte White. The spine and back can be Leatherette in any color or Genuine Italian Leather upgrade.

Genuine Italian Leather Album

Genuine Italian Leather comes in a variety of colors and textures. We stock the industries standard. Contact us with any special request.