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Metal Prints

ChromaLuxe high-definition metal prints are made with the most innovative technology to ensure the highest quality finished print. This new printing process creates luminescent images with unparalleled detail and beauty.  Your pictures can now last forever with metal prints. Through dye-sublimation, images are infused into specially coated surfaces to provide the most durable, longest lasting print medium. The vibrancy and dimensionality of these Metal Prints rival any photographic or artistic product. Metal Prints offers all kinds of artists a modern option to showcase their work and create dramatic images for commercial, fine art, and consumer applications.

Custom Sizes

Metal Prints can be custom made in any size between 4x4 and 40x60. Custom sizes are billed at the time of invoicing. For quoting, round up and search for closest size to calculate price. To be certain contact us for custom quoting. Minimum price of $20.


Metal Samples - 5 Surface Options


  • Gloss White

  • Gloss Clear

  • Semi Gloss White

  • Matte Clear

  • Matte White

Metal Backing Optios

Metal Backing

  • Easel

  • Metal Float

  • Box Mount

  • Metal Frame

  • Sintra w/ Frame

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